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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The greatest gift ..

almost 2 months, and I'd complete a very-Long one year in the corporate world. To summarize in 2 words "IT-Sucks" .. i was so well-off wasting my time in IIIT, Photographing insects, Reading awkward stuff, and doing nothing..

Now i have to go to office, plan my offs, Calculate days left for next months salary, sleep in the cab..etc..etc...

Life it seem has come "full-circles"..After an year, obscurely I see standing my self amidst a familiar mist of cloudiness and confusion...abruptly i remind myself of Carl Gustav Jung and what he wrote in "Memories, Dreams and Reflections"

"..when no answer comes from within to the problems and complexities of life, they ultimately mean mean very little.."

Perhaps Jung could turn a blind eye to whatever he wants to.. or may be i am too ignorant to comprehend one single sentence..

I came to Kou's Blog, and ended up typing all this gibberish..any ways.. thanks Kou :)

the title of this post is same as the latest image i posted on my flickr.. A small girl of about 5 or 7 spent 7-8 hour long mountainous journey on her father's lap.. he sure must be tired..but felt as if can endure many more such hours...

& i did my part by finding suitable lines for the picture too..

"The greatest gift I ever had..
..Came from God; I call him Dad!"


Galaxian said...

Grass being greener on the other side always.. a good beware post for a fresher outta college eagerly count downing her joining !

& as of the pic.. seriously one of the most beautiful :)

koustubh kulkarni said...

well ... i have realized one thing ... no life hence forth can be better than what we had in IIIT. so cannot really compare with it. better to think that we were lucky to have 2 such yrs in our life. (you can compare with b.tech.s around you.)
2 yrs we did what the girl does in her dad's lap... relax, dreame,enjoy,do nothing and still grow up!!

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